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The following are events and activities the community has created for this year to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

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GitHub reviews READMEs (Activity)

18 May 2023 – 26 May 2023

May 18 – May 26: We are encouraging Hubbers to take time to review their personal README for accessibility. We will have a Day of Learning session during GAAD to help guide through the accessibility review. Then we will allow people time to update over the next week. We have a baseline metric and will re-run our analysis to evaluate the improvement.

Twitter Discussion (Virtual)

18 May 2023 | 12:00 AM-6:00 PM Africa/Nairobi (Nairobi, Djibouti)

Aim to raise awareness on the inclusivity of technology to people with disabilities.

Learn more about Twitter Discussion by Northern Nomadic Disabled persons organization

LTC Podcast: Accessibility in Higher Education (Activity)

18 May 2023 – 21 May 2023 | 12:00 AM-11:36 PM America/St_Johns (St. John’s, Newfoundland Labrador, Canada)

The Learning Technology Coach (LTC) podcast is hosted by two learning technology coaches and produced by the Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) at Memorial University. Learning technology coaches are current graduate students at Memorial who use their research and teaching experience to support instructors across the institution by investigating and proposing learning technologies to address instructional challenges. The podcast was initiated by the coaches to broaden their understanding of how pedagogy and technology intersect to create meaningful teaching and learning experiences. This six-episode series themed, “Accessibility in Higher Education”, features the voices of academics, students, administrators and accessibility advocates as they discuss opportunities and challenges in creating equitable and accessible learning experiences for all.

Learn more about LTC Podcast: Accessibility in Higher Education by Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, Memorial University of Newfoundland Labrador, Canada

Launch of AUDARA web application – accessibility audit of Romanian museums (Activity)

18 May 2023 | 12:00 AM-1:00 PM Europe/Bucharest (Bucharest, Romania)

AUDARA is a revolutionary web application designed to enhance accessibility in Romanian museums, promoting a more inclusive environment for cultural exploration. This robust platform meticulously analyzes approximately 300 parameters, based on a comprehensive range of accessibility criteria that conform to existing legislation, global best practices, and the expertise of certified auditors. These auditors, specialists in the field of accessibility and accessible tourism, conduct rigorous on-site visits to assess the facilities. The app generates comprehensive accessibility reports, serving as a pivotal tool for identifying areas of improvement and directing the investment needed to eliminate barriers. These reports are the bedrock of AUDARA’s mission: to make cultural activities within museums more accessible to everyone. However, the app’s role extends beyond merely providing reports. It also functions as an essential learning resource for museum staff and accessibility experts. The on-site audit process and the ensuing discussions facilitated by AUDARA offer an invaluable non-formal training opportunity for museum personnel. The platform heightens staff awareness about the importance of accessibility, fostering their interest in the subject and paving the way for more in-depth training opportunities. Thus, AUDARA serves not only as a powerful analytical tool but also as a catalyst for cultural and organizational change in the museum industry. The app’s contributions are instrumental in creating a more inclusive, accessible, and engaging museum experience for all visitors.

Learn more about Launch of AUDARA web application – accessibility audit of Romanian museums by Asociația CED Romania Centrul de Excelență prin Diversitate

Maher Alahmad (Virtual)

18 May 2023 | 12:00 AM-12:15 AM Asia/Gaza (Ramallah, Palestine, State of)

خبير في اعداد السياسات التي تخص النفاذية الرقمية وتم العمل على اعداد سياسة وطنية للنفاذية الرقمية للاشخاص لذوي الاعلاقة لتعزيز امكانية النفاذ والوصول لللخدمات الالكترونية تناسب كافة الفئات لا سما الاعاقات السمعية والبصيرية

Atlas Copco – Digital accessibility, the key to a more inclusive world initiative (Private/Internal)

18 May 2023 | 7:00 AM-7:00 PM Europe/Paris (France)

Since the end of 2022, we started the initiative with the goal to provide all our users the same equal experience on our digital communication channels, such as the external websites and the internal channels. We are actively working on increasing awareness about digital accessibility in the organization through newsletters, videos, and webinars. A second part of the initiative focuses on enhancing the knowledge and competence of our editors, developers, and designers’ community by providing them sessions with an accessibility expert and an eLearning. Finally, we also improved some aspects of our websites and build an accessibility roadmap. To strengthen the message we’ll publish on May 18th our accessibility statement on our external websites.

Learn more about Atlas Copco – Digital accessibility, the key to a more inclusive world initiative by Atlas Copco

Fronta11y (Activity)

18 May 2023 – 18 May 2024 | 8:00 AM-12:00 PM Europe/Berlin (Germany)

Since 2018 the working group for accessibility in the German UPA (professional association of german usability and user experience professionals) publishes several articles to raise awareness of digital accessibility and make existing knowledge and information accessible for UX professionals. All articles (including those from previous years) are publicly accessible all times. The CfP is still open: (german) + (english)

Learn more about Fronta11y by GERMAN UPA

US Department of Veteran Affairs Section 508 (Private/Internal)

18 May 2023 | 8:00 AM-1:00 PM America/New_York (Washington, DC, United States of America)

Information booth staffed with Accessibility experts. Training available via internal Training Management System. Blog posting of agency specific Accessibility improvements over the last year.

Learn more about US Department of Veteran Affairs Section 508 by US Department of Veteran Affairs

Report Launch: Accessibility of Kenyan Government Website Accessibility to Persons with Disabilities (Virtual)

18 May 2023 | 8:00 AM-2:00 PM Africa/Nairobi (Nairobi, Hurlingham, Kenya)

KICTANET is a non-profit ICT Policy Think Tank, which acts as a multi-stakeholder platform for ICT policy and regulation. The network is guided by four pillars: policy advocacy, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, and research. KICTAnet’s guiding philosophy encourages synergies for ICT policy-related activities and initiatives. As such, the network provides mechanisms and a framework for continuing cooperation and collaboration in ICT matters among industry, technical community, academia, media, development partners, and Government. KICTANET, through the ICT Access and Equality for Persons with Disability program, has researched the accessibility of government websites by persons with disabilities, and a scorecard was developed. We want to invite stakeholders for the launch of this research as well as to set the next priority agenda for ICT and inclusion in public services.

The objective of this launch cum roundtable stakeholders meeting is to share the research findings and provide a platform for dialogue on digital accessibility status in Kenya. In these discussions, we intend to identify stakeholders’ challenges and identify priority actions, potential solutions, and best practices moving forward.

Learn more about Report Launch: Accessibility of Kenyan Government Website Accessibility to Persons with Disabilities by KICTANet (Kenya ICT Action Network)

“Everything is connected, we all connect” (Private/Internal)

18 May 2023 – 31 May 2023 | 8:00 AM-11:00 AM Europe/Madrid (Madrid, Spain)

This year, Bankinter’s Sustainability and Digital Accessibility teams have prepared a series of initiatives with the aim of making the entire workforce speak, think and learn about accessibility and digital inclusion, and about the needs of customers and employees with disability. Some of our activities: – Informative videos about the campaign “Everything is connected, we all connect” in sign language. – Knowledge challenges in Quiz format on topics related to digital accessibility. – Technical meetings with UX design and programming teams.

Learn more about “Everything is connected, we all connect” by Bankinter

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