GAAD 2024: Meet the users

We celebrate GAAD together with users with disabilities showing assistive technology in Stockholm, Sweden, 16 May 2024 Our experience is that accessibility never gets under the skin of people until they meet the users. That’s why we welcome anyone to learn more about digital accessibility and assistive technology – for free! Thursday 16 May at 15-18, the Funka Foundation invites you to an exciting and educational open house where people with different disabilities show how they use assistive technology. Göta Arkhuset, Repslagargatan 20, close to Medborgarplatsen. The event is part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, come and celebrate with us! How do persons who are blind user the web? How can I best help people who experience difficulties with reading and writing? Does my website work for someone who controls their computer by voice alone? What is most important for people with low vision? Our GAAD open house will answer all your questions: • Meet users with disabilities who will demonstrate what works and doesn’t work for them • Experience how assistive technology works in real life • Meet our experts who can put your experiences into perspective • You’ll learn what you need to do as a developer, website owner, UX designer, graphic designer or web author to fulfil the accessibility requirements of the law – and make sure your digital services work for everyone! About the Funka Foundation The Funka Foundation is a non-profit and independent organisation working to empower people with disabilities through user-centred research and innovation. We believe in practical learning, inspiration and knowledge transfer. Special thanks to our sponsor THE WORKS operates low-cost and sustainable co-working in properties that, for various reasons, are facing redevelopment and are therefore at risk of being left empty. We offer smart, functional and flexible offices to small and medium-sized businesses.