Accessibility Awareness and Foundations Webinar

Celebrate this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day by attending Deque’s three-hour virtual training event. You’ll learn what digital accessibility is, why it’s important, how people with disabilities navigate the web, and how you can champion accessibility to make a difference in your organization today. This training is intended for all audiences; including policymakers, management, content creators, developers, designers, testers, and everything in between. This event is divided into three components, which include plenty of time for Q&A. Attendees will learn:

  1. What is digital accessibility and why it matters -Building the business case for digital inclusion -How people with disabilities use digital technologies -Involving people with disabilities in the development process
  2. First-hand lived experiences and barriers faced by people with various disabilities -Challenges faced and lessons learned – the A11y Rules podcast experiment
  3. Next steps: building for accessibility by leveraging technology -Getting started – leveraging automated tools for inclusion -Getting ahead – keyboard navigation as a key foundation for inclusion -Practical next steps to make a difference (not just on GAAD!)