2016 Events

In-Person Events on May 19

Virtual Events on May 19

Tobii Dynavox Webinar on Advanced eye control

Advanced eye control is the subject which is of most interest to employers getting those who are severely injured (spinal) or have progressive conditions (ALS/Dystrophy) into the workplace. It’s also the best subject for those interested in accessibility from Tobii Dynavox.

Register for the ADVANCED WINDOWS CONTROL (EYEGAZE) webinar at 8 PM Central European Time May 19

PEAT Talks: Sharing Success from the WWW+W4A Accessibility Hackathon

Join Josh Christianson, PEAT (Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology) Project Director for a webinar to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day. He will share results of the WWW+W4A Accessibility Hackathon that was held in Montreal on April 13. The winners will join Josh to discuss their hack. During the hackathon, participants took a popular web-based product used widely in workplaces and schools and improved its accessibility.

Register for the PEAT Talks: Sharing Success from the WWW+W4A Accessibility Hackathon May 19 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time (USA)

ISTE Inclusive Learning Network Twitter #ATChat & Webinar

On Wednesday evening, May 18th at 8pm (North American Eastern time), the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Inclusive Learning Network is moderating the #ATChat on Twitter. This will be an opportunity to share resources and ideas for how to make learning environments more accessible for all learners. ATChat is a weekly chat for assistive technology professionals and those who support learners with disabilities. It brings together some of the top practitioners in this field each week for a lively discussion of everything related to technology and empowering learners of all levels of ability.

On Thursday evening, May 19th at 7pm, we are hosting a webinar with a number of leaders in the field of educational technology who will be sharing their top tips for making educational materials more accessible. The webinar is open to the public and will also be recorded.

Join the ISTE Inclusive Network webinar May 19 at 7PM North American Eastern Time

Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day With Accessibility Partners

For the entirety of May 19th, between the hours of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST, we encourage individuals with any website, big or small, to tweet @Access_Partners, Facebook, or e-mail ( Info@AccessibilityPartners.com) us your URL and we will audit the homepage or document at absolutely no charge. It’s our way to celebrate! Following our review, we will supply a high-level, overview report with any areas that might not be accessible to a user with disabilities.

Learn more about Accessibility Partners GAAD audit.

The Paciello Group Presents Inclusive Design 24 #ID24

To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, The Paciello Group will be holding 24 completely free one-hour webinars (beginning at 0:00 UTC May 19)on all things accessibility. The sessions range from beginner-to-advanced and are aimed at everyone from executives to web developers.

See the Inclusive Design 24 schedule

Test Partners Ltd Marks GAAD

How easy is your content to understand? Does your website create barriers for your visitors? On May 19, Test Partners will provide the first five organisations to contact them with a complimentary readability primer. The next five will be offered one at a reduced rate.

Learn more about the Test Partners readability primer offer.

Shaw Trust PDF Accessibility Webinar

Shaw Trust will hold a PDF Accessibility Webinar on May 19 11am GMT+1/BST lasting approx. 1hr. The training will cover:

  • What is web accessibility?
  • Accessibility Considerations for different types of disability
  • PDF Elements and Accessibility
  • Testing for Accessibility
  • Introducing Adobe Pro

To register, people need to email AccessForAll@Shaw-Trust.org.uk and they will be sent access details to join the May 19 training.

Ember.js Participates In GAAD

The Ember.js community is encouraged to participate in the 5th Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 19. According to Nathan Hammond and Matthew Beale: “We want to make our framework, addons, and the applications we collectively build and maintain accessible to all users.”

Learn how to contribute to Ember.js accessibility on GAAD.

Rosenfeld Media Book Discount For GAAD

Use the discount code GAAD16 for 20% off the book A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences by Sarah Horton & Whitney Quesenbery now through the end of May.

Buy A Web for Everyone using the discount code GAAD16 for 20% off

D2L Webinar: Increasing Accessibility – Strategies from the University of Guelph, D2L, and a former student

Are you wondering if your courses are accessible to everyone? This webinar (May 19 3:00 PM ET North American time) will share different approaches that you can take to make sure that you never limit learning opportunities. Richard Gorrie will share how the University of Guelph took Universal Instructional Design (UID) from theory to practice, and how their work on UID has influenced their approach with faculty and the accessibility of their courses. Sean Yo from D2L will show you some accessibility anti-patterns, and what can be done to improve them. You’ll also hear from Carin Headrick from D2L, who as a former student will discuss how the accessibility of content impacted her learning experiences.

Register for the May 19 3:00PM (Northamerican ET) D2L Webinar

Knowbility Offers Free AccessWorks Testing Only On GAAD

Knowbility is pleased to provide a free test using the remote usability testing platform, Loop11 only on GAAD (May 19). Up to four users with disabilities will report on the accessibility of your website.

Register for a free AccessWorks usability test of your website on May 19

Deque System Marks GAAD

In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2016, Deque will now be offering scholarships for free access to our entire curriculum of Deque University online courses in web and digital accessibility for people with disabilities.

Learn more about Deque’s scholarships and other GAAD activities