2013 Events

In-Person Events on May 9

To mark GAAD, a number of free in-person public events are being organized in cities around the world which we encourage you to attend. We are adding cities so keep checking back as May 9 gets closer.

Click each city to learn what is planned and how to register.

Virtual Events on May 9

In addition to in-person events, virtual events are being organized. We are adding events so keep checking back as May 9 gets closer. Click each event to learn what is planned and how to register.

Moodle Accessibility Webinar

The Neil Squire Society will host a free webinar focusing on the accessibility of an online learning management system called Moodle on May 9 at 10:00am PST (1:00pm est, 17:00 GMT).

You must Register for the Neil Squire Society webinar.

EZFire Hosts The Future of Higher Education and Disability Access

Whether college and university students with disabilities take advantage of the increasing number of Massive open online courses (MOOC), courses offered by local community colleges, courses offered by entities that are thousands of miles away, or something entirely new, we must explore how accessibility will be structured. Join EZFire and discuss this bold new world of higher education in a webinar to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Webinar is May 9 – 1:00 to 2:30 PM Eastern. Register for this EZFire webinar for people who work and study in the higher education sector.

BarrierBreak & NASSCOM Foundation host an awareness webinar for India

Web designers, web developers, mobile app developers, product managers, software testers and other IT professionals located in India, join this free webinar that will introduce you to digital accessibility. Topics will include: Why Accessibility and where do we need to take it? How people with disabilities use technology? An essential step – Accessibility Testing.

Webinar is on May 9, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm (local time). Register for this BarrierBreak & NASSCOM Foundation webinar on digital accessibility for IT professionals in India.

Around The World With Simply Accessible

The folks at Simply Accessible are literally marking GAAD around the world! From their blog post: “Starting at midnight local time on the fair island nation of Samoa, the Simply Accessible team will begin their festivities. As each time zone reaches 12:01 am on May 9 local time, we’ll post a new article and give away a few prizes throughout the marathon celebration to promote the goodness that is inclusive, accessible design.”

Accessible Bristol Marks GAAD

Accessible Bristol (UK) @AccessibleBrstl will mark GAAD by spending May 9 on Twitter, answering digital accessibility questions from across the Twittersphere.

Shaw Trust Marks GAAD

Shaw Trust Accessibility Services will be marking Global Accessibility Awareness Day on 9 May by offering advice and guidance from end-users of assistive technologies from 11.30am – 12.30pm GMT.

Thinking of organizing a public event on May 9?

If you already have an existing meeting of a usability, web development or other related meeting/meet-up, why not spend a few minutes:

  • Taking a poll of attendees to find out what people know about accessibility, or
  • bringing up a site or application and unplugging the mouse and operate it using the keyboard alone, or
  • inviting someone with a disability to come in and just talk about their everyday experience using the web, software, mobile apps

If you are planning either an in-person or virtual event to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day, e-mail globala11yawarenessday at gmail.com so we can promote it here. The event can be big or small, formal or not. Perhaps you might choose to do something at work or school. In any case, if you plan to do something, tell us how you plan to mark the day.