STEM Accessibility in the Indian Education System | Vision Empower Panel Discussion

Welcome to Vision Empower’s panel discussion on ‘STEM Accessibility in the Indian Education System’! Vision Empower is dedicated to making STEM and Computational Thinking (CT) education accessible for children with visual impairments. We are currently collaborating with over 120 special schools across 14 states in India. Our mission is to bridge the gap in STEM education through innovative resources and technologies, ensuring every child has the opportunity to explore and excel in these crucial fields. In this panel discussion, our partners delve into the challenges of making STEM education accessible and the work they are doing to transform the educational landscape for students with visual impairment. Panel Highlights: 1. Challenges in Accessing STEM Subjects: Explore the fundamental challenges a student with visual impairment faces in accessing STEM education. 2. Importance of STEM for Visually Impaired Students: Understand why visually impaired students must pursue STEM, despite its visual nature. 3. Tactile Diagrams: Learn what tactile diagrams are, how they are created, and their role in breaking down barriers in STEM learning for the visually impaired. 4. Innovative Tools and Technologies: Discover the tools and innovations currently available for visually impaired students to study STEM and the additional innovations needed. 5. Learning Management Platforms: Assess the importance of platforms like Coursera, edX, or Subodha in facilitating STEM education for visually impaired students and key considerations for ensuring accessibility. 6. Advice for Stakeholders: Gain valuable advice for parents, special educators, visually impaired students, organizations working for the disabled, and innovators to ensure STEM education becomes universally accessible for every visually impaired child nationwide. Subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to stay updated on future events and discussions. About Vision Empower: Vision Empower is committed to empowering children with visual impairments through accessible STEM education. By working with special schools and various partners, we aim to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all.