Report Launch: Accessibility of Kenyan Government Website Accessibility to Persons with Disabilities

KICTANET is a non-profit ICT Policy Think Tank, which acts as a multi-stakeholder platform for ICT policy and regulation. The network is guided by four pillars: policy advocacy, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, and research. KICTAnet’s guiding philosophy encourages synergies for ICT policy-related activities and initiatives. As such, the network provides mechanisms and a framework for continuing cooperation and collaboration in ICT matters among industry, technical community, academia, media, development partners, and Government. KICTANET, through the ICT Access and Equality for Persons with Disability program, has researched the accessibility of government websites by persons with disabilities, and a scorecard was developed. We want to invite stakeholders for the launch of this research as well as to set the next priority agenda for ICT and inclusion in public services.

The objective of this launch cum roundtable stakeholders meeting is to share the research findings and provide a platform for dialogue on digital accessibility status in Kenya. In these discussions, we intend to identify stakeholders’ challenges and identify priority actions, potential solutions, and best practices moving forward.