Making Waves: Sound design in modern day software

Come join Team Stark and the community for our 2023 GAAD event: Making Waves: Sound design in modern day software

With the expertise of our panelists, we’ll dig into a depth of design which is largely ignored across software — sound. How do you design in the absence of sound, how do you tap the various senses through design, and how do you design when sound is how you can or can’t communicate? With that, we’ll also illuminate that impact (positively and negatively) on Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals. On the panel: Host – Cat Noone (CEO, Stark); Panelist – Matthew Bennett (former Microsoft Sound & Sensory Creative Director); Panelist – Megan Clegg (Design Leader; former Compass and Nickelodeon)

Housekeeping ahead of the event: We will have an ASL translator for the event. We’ll be using Zoom and will have closed captions enabled. For any questions ahead of the event, please comment them here or send them our way to: ——— Looking forward to hanging and learning with all of you! Team Stark