Launch of AUDARA web application – accessibility audit of Romanian museums

AUDARA is a revolutionary web application designed to enhance accessibility in Romanian museums, promoting a more inclusive environment for cultural exploration. This robust platform meticulously analyzes approximately 300 parameters, based on a comprehensive range of accessibility criteria that conform to existing legislation, global best practices, and the expertise of certified auditors. These auditors, specialists in the field of accessibility and accessible tourism, conduct rigorous on-site visits to assess the facilities. The app generates comprehensive accessibility reports, serving as a pivotal tool for identifying areas of improvement and directing the investment needed to eliminate barriers. These reports are the bedrock of AUDARA’s mission: to make cultural activities within museums more accessible to everyone. However, the app’s role extends beyond merely providing reports. It also functions as an essential learning resource for museum staff and accessibility experts. The on-site audit process and the ensuing discussions facilitated by AUDARA offer an invaluable non-formal training opportunity for museum personnel. The platform heightens staff awareness about the importance of accessibility, fostering their interest in the subject and paving the way for more in-depth training opportunities. Thus, AUDARA serves not only as a powerful analytical tool but also as a catalyst for cultural and organizational change in the museum industry. The app’s contributions are instrumental in creating a more inclusive, accessible, and engaging museum experience for all visitors.