Hyderabad Celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2024

The event will feature talks and workshops by experts in the field of accessibility and inclusive design, as well as hands-on demonstrations of assistive technology and accessibility tools. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals and gain insights into the latest trends and innovations in the field of accessibility. This event is for everyone who believes in: Building a more equitable and inclusive society. ⁠Making technology and information accessible to all. ⁠Empowering individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential. Whether you’re an expert in the field or just starting your journey, we encourage you to join us for an insightful and engaging day as we: ⁠Discuss critical issues surrounding digital accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. ⁠Hear from inspiring speakers Samir, Prem Nawaz, Siddharaj, Gayatri, Sowjanya, Abhijeet and Ramkumar. ⁠Experience interactive workshops that demonstrate different assistive technologies and design practices. ⁠Engage in meaningful networking with fellow advocates, innovators, and individuals with disabilities. Let’s come together to make a difference and ensure that digital experiences are accessible to everyone. Save the date, spread the word, and let’s make GAAD 2024 in Hyderabad a celebration of inclusion!