Global Accessibility Awareness Day — It matters to all of us

HP Inc. celebrates GAAD by hosting two internal webinars – Europe and Americas time zone friendly and an Asia Pacific time zone friendly. We have approximately 3000 employees registered to join this webinar. The line-up includes, • Enrique Lores, HP President & CEO welcoming employees to the day. • Joe Devon, Co-founder of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, sharing his motivation for creating this day. • HP Customer Support and Product Design Specialists sharing ways HP provides an inclusive customer experience. • A conversation with special guest Anthony Purcell, Equipment Specialist/Founding Partner, sharing how he has used his personal experience to help others with accessibility needs and how we all play an important role as well. • Employee panel: Senior leaders lead a panel featuring HP employees with disabilities discussing how accessibility impacts work and life. • Advocate and caregiver panel: Senior leaders lead a panel featuring HP employees who are advocates or caregivers sharing their stories.