GitHub Day of Learning: Accessibility

We have our monthly Day of Learning, which is the 3rd Thursday of the month. So to coincide with GAAD, we are making this Day of Learning Accessibility-themed!

We have four sessions: 

  1. Joe Devon, the Story of GAAD. Joe will share the origins of GAAD and how it has grown into such a global, energizing event inspiring accessibility awareness. We are excited to host Joe for this internal talk! 
  2. Keyboard Navigation, Shortcuts, and Accessibility: Do you know the difference between keyboard navigation and shortcuts? Keyboard interactivity on a website can greatly expedite a user’s efficiency–or so we think. This session hosted members of our very own Accessibility Design and Engineering teams at GitHub will talk about the difference between keyboard navigation versus shortcuts, how to avoid common pitfalls when creating shortcuts, and how to create scalable solutions that benefit all GitHub users.
  3. Neurocats, the Community of Belonging (CoB) aims to give neurodivergent Hubbers a voice at GitHub. Owen Niblock will discuss some ways GitHub employees can build websites with Neurodivergent folk in mind and then we’ll have a round-table chat about that subject with Neurocats and Accessibility team members.
  4. Making your README Accessible
    We will have a 30-minute guided session for GitHub employees to show how to use tools like browser extensions or GitHub Actions to check their markdown content like README files for accessibility. We will build in time for people to test and fix their README, and help make GitHub a more inclusive and accessible platform!