GAAD for Good 2023: Built without barriers

GAAD is close to our hearts. Digital accessibility drives everyone here at Siteimprove. It’s embedded into our platform, culture, and history – and we think every website owner should be on board too. If all websites got their accessibility fundamentals right, then we’d have an open internet for everyone, regardless of their ability. That’s why our theme for this year is built without barriers. Join us as we imagine a world where nothing stands between users and information. Then help us make it a reality. This year’s GAAD for Good is jam-packed full of tips and expert insights, including three informative webinars. You’ll be joined by our industry experts, customers, and partners, who’ll all be serving up the latest accessibility content and resources. We’ll kick things off with an introduction from Nicolas Hamilton, one of British motorsport’s most inspirational figures, who will open our event by sharing what digital accessibility means to him. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics we’ll cover throughout the day:

  • Technical accessibility tips for your website
  • Understanding the importance of accessibility in content marketing
  • How accessibility drives better UX, marketing performance, and business results

We’re excited to see you there! Help us make the internet a more inclusive place for everyone.