GAAD Bug Sweep Contest

Open to all employees of Bell Canada Enterprises (including subsidiaries and affiliates) across Canada. Spans all time zones as we have employees in each province from Newfoundland to British Columbia. We are holding a ‘GAAD Bug Sweep” contest that is meant to be both educational and fun. We have created a mock website with some common accessibility barriers (“bugs” or “defects). The event will be kicked off with a virtual session that will educate employees about digital accessibility and how to identify accessibility barriers (bugs). Then the employees will be given until the end of the day (midnight of May 18th) to find the ‘bugs’ on the mock websites and submit their entries for a chance to win prizes. Employees can enter the contest as individuals or teams of up to 3 people. Prizes will be offered for both categories (individual prizes & team prizes) The websites (English & French) will only be live only on May 18. Last year we had 1000 employees sign up for our event and the demand for the event exceeded the capacity we had set up. So this year we are increasing the capacity to 2500 to allow more employees to participate.