Future is for everyone-How we can make our industry more inclusive & accessible

In industrialized countries between 50% and 70% of people with disabilities are unemployed. Children with disabilities are much less likely to complete their primary education. These are just a few key facts about disability and inclusion and why our industry is failing people with disabilities. So how can we make our industry more inclusive, more equitable and more accessible? We want to show you different workshop concepts from our Responsible Tech Playbook (https://www.thoughtworks.com/about-us/social-change/responsible-tech-playbook) and more that could lead you to better ideas. Test them out in our workshop playground and see how old problems could be solved with new thinking. Agenda: 19:00 – Start 19:30 – Introduction + Select your Workshop group 20:00 – Workshops (30mins) 20:30 – Workshop presentations 21:15 – Wrap Up & Networking