First Person: A conversation about websites and the disability experience

On May 18, Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the San Francisco Mayor’s Office on Disability will hold a community experience webinar featuring a panel of people with diverse disabilities. The mission of Global Accessibility Awareness Day is “to disrupt the culture of technology and digital product development to include accessibility as a core requirement”. People with many different types of disabilities, some not obvious to others, are affected by the accessibility (or lack of it) of a website. For people who work on designing or developing websites, it’s easy to get immersed in accessibility standards, requirements and checklists without understanding what users with disabilities experience. This webinar will feature a panel of people with disabilities in conversation, describing how they use and navigate the web, how their assistive technologies work, what digital barriers they encounter and what accessibility means to them. Use this link to register in advance for this webinar: Sign language interpreters will be provided. To request any other accommodations, send an email to