Ensuring an Inclusive & Accessible Green Transition

Join us on May 15, 2024 from 1.00 till 2.30 CEST, for a special pre-event to Global Accessibility Awareness Day, titled “Ensuring an Inclusive & Accessible Green Transition.” This online event will explore strategies to make the green transition inclusive and accessible for everyone. Achieving sustainability requires that environmental initiatives are available to everyone, particularly those often marginalized. Our webinar will not only tackle significant environmental issues but also emphasize the importance of including diverse groups like indigenous communities and people with disabilities in these discussions. The event aims to promote an inclusive dialogue, amplifying diverse voices to ensure comprehensive participation in environmental matters. We will showcase practical, accessible solutions from projects like GreenSCENT, ClearClimate, GreenTeens, Accting, Rethink Action, and I-CHANGE, which aims, through practical actions and tools, to promote an inclusive and accessible green transition for all. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a movement toward an environmentally aware and accessible world!