Disability in the workplace: reflections of people with disabilities working in accessibility at Fable, Spotify, and Salesforce

What is it like to work in accessibility as a person with a disability? In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, join industry professionals from Fable, Spotify, and Salesforce in a thoughtful roundtable discussion of their experiences. Moderated by Nikki Nolan, listen to panelists reflect on how to balance the emotional investment involved in accessibility work, current barriers, wins, losses, and more. Learn how you can build out an inclusive and accessible culture on your team and at your organization, and why you should make it a priority. Featured panelists: 1) Natalie Patrice Tucker, Senior Accessibility Lead at Spotify 2) Tamas Geczy, Web Accessibility Engineer at Spotify 3) Crystal Preston-Watson, Senior Digital Accessibility Analyst at Salesforce 4) Samuel Proulx, Accessibility Evangelist at Fable Questions encouraged! Auto-captioning will be utilized for the livestream. Recording will be remediated by Rev for captions and transcription and sent to all registrants once processed.