Communicating your needs in the Workplace and Beyond: AXS Passport Demo

We explore how to remove the barriers people face when communicating their needs – by using AXS (‘Access’) Passport: D&A’s innovative new digital accessibility passport. You’ll learn how AXS Passport breaks down the barriers that prevent equitable access in our workplaces, educational environments, and wider society. Communicating your needs is something we all can struggle with, especially if you don’t feel safe to do so – which can become a disabling barrier in itself. With AXS (‘Access’) Passport we’re making it easier for everyone to have their needs heard and to put adjustments in place that enable people to thrive. It offers a way for individuals to share their requirements quickly and easily, and provides the ideal solution for organisations wanting to better support their teams and members. We’ll demonstrate how individuals can benefit from using AXS Passport to share their requirements in the workplace, in education, and when accessing healthcare and social activities. We will also explore our exciting new organisational portal, demonstrating how it enables organisations to support their staff or members in a clear and accessible way while gaining strategic data to help anticipate and welcome diverse needs. Create your free AXS Passport: Contact the AXS team to book a demo for your organisation: We use automatic live captioning for our webinars through Zoom. Please get in touch if you have any accessibility requirements: