Beyond Compliance: Building Inclusive Digital Experiences

This Global Accessibility Awareness Day, join us THIS WEEK for a timely webinar “Beyond Compliance: Building Inclusive Digital Experiences.” The Digital Services Coalition is bringing together government and industry experts to discuss how we can create accessible digital services for all citizens. 💡 Join us virtually on Thursday, May 16- 3-4pm ET for a thought-provoking discussion and help shape a more inclusive digital future. Panelists: Nicshan Floyd: Deputy Director of Customer Experience, DHS Genevieve Gaudet: Director of Design, Nava PBC Amy Cole, M.A., UXC, CPACC: Global Accessibility Manager, Bixal Andrew Nielson: Director of the Government-wide IT Accessibility Program, GSA Moderated by: Mike Gifford, CPWA, DSC Board President, CivicActions Open and free to all