Baking Accessibility and Inclusion into Your Business

Culture forms the very fabric of everything that happens in the workplace. Instilling a culture of accessibility and inclusion takes time and practice, but above all else, requires consistency. How do we ensure that we consistently show up with inclusion in mind? How does this improve the way we conduct business? We are excited to be joined by Nandita Gupta, Accessibility Product Owner at Microsoft, to guide you through the essential considerations you as a founder need to make to form a solid culture of accessibility and inclusion within your business. You’ll walk away with actionable steps to take in the short-term and long-term that will ensure that your team members, potential buyers, and loyal customers will all feel seen in the ways that matter to them. Key Takeaways: Why it is vital to consider accessibility and inclusion in all parts of your business How accessibility and inclusion can show up within a company and, more specifically, team culture How to be intentional with your product lifecycle Actionable ways we can show up every day with accessibility and inclusion in mind, and encourage the same among team members