Accessibility webinar for nonprofits

Accessibility shouldn’t be confined to project timelines or checkpoints. It’s a crucial consideration in user research, design, content strategy, development, and ongoing improvements — applicable not just to a single project but as a continuous practice across all your initiatives. We’ll share insights into our work with organisations such as RNIB and Mind to provide practical advice from our development team and strategic perspectives on user-centred design to equip you with the knowledge and motivation to champion accessibility within your charity. Our special guest, Quarina from RNIB, will highlight the critical accessibility considerations and achievements for their service users, offering invaluable perspectives on creating inclusive digital environments. We’ll cover: • Integrating accessibility into user research, design, and development phases. • Key learnings and achievements in making digital services more accessible. • Insights from Quarina of RNIB and our Torchbox experts on creating inclusive digital environments. • Tips on user-centred design and development practices for enhancing accessibility. • A Q&A with our speakers to discuss accessibility challenges and strategies. This webinar will show how embracing accessibility at every stage enhances user experience for all, fostering digital environments that are inclusive, resilient, and user-friendly.