Accessibility + UX at Vanguard

PhillyCHI is excited to host a virtual event for Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) on Thursday, May 18th! There will also be opportunities for networking and group discussions around accessibility. Oxana Loseva, Sr. UX Researcher at Vanguard, will talk about her efforts including accessibility within the division she works in at Vanguard. She will talk about what efforts and commitments Vanguard has made to accessibility and inclusion and will share her first hand experience working with people with disabilities. She will also share what she’s learned working with folks with disabilities. About the speaker: Oxana is a Sr. UX Researcher at Vanguard focusing some of her efforts at work on accessibility and inclusion. She has built a panel of individuals with disabilities and conducts regular research with them. She has a background in Service Design and Design Research and mixes these methods in her work. In her spare time, Oxana takes her dog Pepper hiking around the Philadelphia area and goes on trips to discover local coffee shops.