Release dark mode as beta feature to English Wikipedia

With today a new reading beta feature is released for users of English Wikipedia: Dark Mode. It was one of the most requested features by our communities over the years. Working closely with the communities as part of the new dark mode rollout to improve content accessibility awareness was a crucial part in the process. More language wikis will follow in the next few weeks.

Salesforce talks about AI and Accessibility

At Salesforce, the Product Accessibility and Inclusive Design (PAID), Office of Accessibility, and Abilityforce team are excited to host a number of events honoring GAAD. We’ll be hosting a fireside chat with Paula Goldman, EVP of Ethical and Humane Use of Technology, and Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda, serial social impact entrepreneur and disability rights advocate, on Inclusive Innovation with AI. They’ll discuss how AI can be leveraged to create accessible solutions for people with disabilities, the role of inclusive design in AI development, and what new technical capabilities and opportunities are emerging as a result of inclusive AI. Continuing our conversations with AI, we’re offering a roundtable discussion on AI & Accessibility, with special guest Mike Hess, founder and executive director of Blind Institute of Technology and last year’s Dreamforce Golden Hoodie winner. This session will be moderated by Catherine Nichols, VP of the Office of Accessibility and include Jacqui Tolisano, Senior Director of Product Accessibility, Kris Woolery, Director of Inclusive Design on the Responsible AI in Tech team, Orlando Lugo, Product Manager for Ethical & Humane Use and AI Council member, Patrick Hermiller, Senior Product Designer on the AI Trust team, and Mike Raabe, Abilityforce President We have employees with disabilities hosting an informal Ask Me Anything: Disability Edition. Adam Rodenbeck, Senior Digital Accessibility Engineer, Alicia Schriever, President of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing chapter of Abilityforce, Brooke Eby, ISV Principle Business Development Manager, and Carden Wyckoff, Principal Accessibility Support Engineer will talk about disability etiquette, different models that shape the way people approach disability, and answer burning questions in an interactive conversation. From Tuesday through Thursday, Salesforce employees globally are excited to be working with Be My Eyes, an organization that connects blind and low-vision users who want sighted assistance with volunteers.

FREE taster module for the Designing Accessible Learning Content (DALC) Programme

At eLaHub we believe that all learning content should be accessible and inclusive – as the default! Last year to celebrate GAAD we offered free access to the taster module for our Designing Accessible Learning Content (DALC) Programme. The taster module, alongside the full DALC Programme launched in November, has been really successful in raising accessibility awareness amongst learning practitioners, providing them with the practical guidance and resources needed to understand how to create accessible and inclusive learning content. To celebrate GAAD this year, for a limited period until 13th June we are once again offering 100 places with free access to the DALC taster module. Delegates who successfully complete the taster will earn an official Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificate worth 90 minutes of CPD – a great way to demonstrate your commitment to more accessible and inclusive learning content!

GAAD Ukraine

Inclusive IT друзів запрошує на Світовий день обізнаності про доступність. В програмі – обмін досягненнями і досвідом боротьби за доступність в Україні та світі. Ми говоритемо і про вебдоступність, але не лише.

Windsor Hackforge National AccessAbility Week 2024

This month Windsor Hackforge is hosting a series of free events focused on accessibility. The programming aims to increase connections between people with disabilities, businesses, technologists, advocacy groups, and the community at large. The full schedule of events has been released on Hackforge’s website (, and features topics such as accessible website design, AODA compliance, and the role technology plays in an inclusive society. Presented as interactive workshops, tutorials, and discussions. To kickoff this series of events, David Best will present on May 16, Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). In this session we will look at the Ontario open for business economic growth strategy that can help your business reach larger markets.

Accessibility quickscans for not-for-profits and SMEs

To celebrate the Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we’re offering eleven accessibility quickscans for free! We prioritize organizations working with and for disabled individuals and cultural organizations but any European not-for-profit organization or small business (SME) can apply. We’re an agency specialising in accessibility and we will examine the website based on eleven success criteria from the official web accessibility guidelines (WCAG). The quickscan will help you to get an idea what obstacles people with disabilities might encounter when visiting your website. You can apply until the 16th of May:

Accessibility day

in-person and remote event where we will talk with important companies and public administrations about their approach to the ecosystem of digital products

Una imagen NO vale más que mil palabras

El objetivo del evento es dar a conocer a la comunidad de profesionales y familias que trabajan con inclusión de personas con discapacidad la opción de “texto alternativo” en redes sociales como Instagram. Se tomará de referencia la acción llevada acabó en 2023 por AccesBoost Brasil publicada en GAAD. Desde Intres centro de día para jóvenes con discapacidad e IA Consultora impulsamos una acción de impacto en la red social Instagram. Se estará publicando una placa negra con la frase “ESTA PUBLICACIÓN CONTIENE TEXTO ALTERNATIVO” el jueves 16 de mayo 2024,18hs Argentina. La misma poseerá activada esta función y en la bajada se explicará la importancia de su uso y como se puede llevar a cabo. A la acción se estarán sumando ambos equipos y colaboradores de los mismos. Si te interesa participar nos pueden escribir a y así recibir el material

Accessibility is Home podcast; interview of Ron Klein

Come and listen to my interview of Ron Klein; grandfather of possibilities on Accessibility Is Home podcast. Get inspiration for GAAD when you hear how Ron created more access to information by his invention of the braille and the TTY machine.

Launch of AUDARA web application – accessibility audit of Romanian museums

AUDARA is a revolutionary web application designed to enhance accessibility in Romanian museums, promoting a more inclusive environment for cultural exploration. This robust platform meticulously analyzes approximately 300 parameters, based on a comprehensive range of accessibility criteria that conform to existing legislation, global best practices, and the expertise of certified auditors. These auditors, specialists in the field of accessibility and accessible tourism, conduct rigorous on-site visits to assess the facilities. The app generates comprehensive accessibility reports, serving as a pivotal tool for identifying areas of improvement and directing the investment needed to eliminate barriers. These reports are the bedrock of AUDARA’s mission: to make cultural activities within museums more accessible to everyone. However, the app’s role extends beyond merely providing reports. It also functions as an essential learning resource for museum staff and accessibility experts. The on-site audit process and the ensuing discussions facilitated by AUDARA offer an invaluable non-formal training opportunity for museum personnel. The platform heightens staff awareness about the importance of accessibility, fostering their interest in the subject and paving the way for more in-depth training opportunities. Thus, AUDARA serves not only as a powerful analytical tool but also as a catalyst for cultural and organizational change in the museum industry. The app’s contributions are instrumental in creating a more inclusive, accessible, and engaging museum experience for all visitors.