Meet the React Native A11y Community Manager

Hello, React Native community!

My name is Alexandra Marlette. I’m the GAADPledge Open Source Accessibility Community Manager for React Native working with Facebook to help our community identify accessibility priorities, document what’s done and what still needs to be done, facilitate the exchange of information, and accelerate our work in making React Native more accessible.  

Some of you might recall that in 2020 Facebook took the #GAADPledge to make React Native accessible. Since that time Facebook has been reading your comments, gathering requests and priorities, and performing a thorough gap analysis to see where the accessibility holes in React Native are so we can figure out what needs to be done next and coordinate Facebook’s work on React Native accessibility with the work contributors are doing or want to do.

My role will be to gather and amplify your comments and requests and help us all make more progress by serving as an intermediary between the React Native core team at Facebook and the React Native Open Source community so we have a more cohesive picture of the React Native pipeline for processing accessibility issues. I’ll also commit to communicating progress in public so that contributors and the core team can work in tandem on these important issues. 

Since we’ll all be working together, here’s a little bit about me. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Computational Media. When I am not working, I work on digital illustrations, write fiction or prepare for the next Dungeons & Dragon session.

Please contact me by email with questions, feedback or to get involved I look forward to working with everyone in the React Native and accessibility communities!


Alexandra Marlette