Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness with a Panel from Vista Center

The PayPal Customer Experience and Accessibility Teams invite the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired to have a panel speak about their lived experiences and the importance of accessibility in their lives. The speakers are Alice Turner, John Glass, and Neeraj Gupta.

Accessibility at ID.me: Making something better for everyone every day

At ID.me a primary goal is to Leave No Identity Behind, and that means serving all people. This year, we’re celebrating GAAD with an interactive talk featuring our internal accessibility specialists. We’ll be highlighting the hard work our product and engineering teams have conducted over the last year and the processes, training, and tools we’re implementing to continue to foster a culture of accessibility and inclusion at ID.me.

GAAD @ Box

Box will have a segment on GAAD in our weekly Friday all company meeting. This will include a discussion of Box’s accessibility efforts, and promotion of resources on accessibility and empathy, including interviews with Box users and employees. Additionally, Box will be announcing a new ability-focused Employee Resource Community.

Why Accessibility is Vital to Everything We Do

GCI Group is honoring Global Accessibility Awareness Day by holding a discussion to explore different ways to make digital and design work more inclusive and accessible. This is part of an ongoing series the company organizes for its employees, where we look at how intersectionality is vital to every aspect of our work. This year’s sessions are focused on better understanding how the complexity of intersecting social identities impacts people with disabilities’ experiences managing their health and healthcare.

GAAD @ Cornerstone

Learn about Global Accessibility Awareness, how Cornerstone incorporates accessibility into product design, and how everyone can contribute to Cornerstone’s accessibility journey.

“Everything is connected, we all connect”

This year, Bankinter’s Sustainability and Digital Accessibility teams have prepared a series of initiatives with the aim of making the entire workforce speak, think and learn about accessibility and digital inclusion, and about the needs of customers and employees with disability. Some of our activities: – Informative videos about the campaign “Everything is connected, we all connect” in sign language. – Knowledge challenges in Quiz format on topics related to digital accessibility. – Technical meetings with UX design and programming teams.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day in Nestlè Italia

An internal corporate event to raise awareness on accessibility and proper language regarding disability.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day — It matters to all of us

HP Inc. celebrates GAAD by hosting two internal webinars – Europe and Americas time zone friendly and an Asia Pacific time zone friendly. We have approximately 3000 employees registered to join this webinar. The line-up includes, • Enrique Lores, HP President & CEO welcoming employees to the day. • Joe Devon, Co-founder of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, sharing his motivation for creating this day. • HP Customer Support and Product Design Specialists sharing ways HP provides an inclusive customer experience. • A conversation with special guest Anthony Purcell, Equipment Specialist/Founding Partner, sharing how he has used his personal experience to help others with accessibility needs and how we all play an important role as well. • Employee panel: Senior leaders lead a panel featuring HP employees with disabilities discussing how accessibility impacts work and life. • Advocate and caregiver panel: Senior leaders lead a panel featuring HP employees who are advocates or caregivers sharing their stories.

US Department of Veteran Affairs Section 508

Information booth staffed with Accessibility experts. Training available via internal Training Management System. Blog posting of agency specific Accessibility improvements over the last year.

GitHub Day of Learning: Accessibility

We have our monthly Day of Learning, which is the 3rd Thursday of the month. So to coincide with GAAD, we are making this Day of Learning Accessibility-themed!

We have four sessions: 

  1. Joe Devon, the Story of GAAD. Joe will share the origins of GAAD and how it has grown into such a global, energizing event inspiring accessibility awareness. We are excited to host Joe for this internal talk! 
  2. Keyboard Navigation, Shortcuts, and Accessibility: Do you know the difference between keyboard navigation and shortcuts? Keyboard interactivity on a website can greatly expedite a user’s efficiency–or so we think. This session hosted members of our very own Accessibility Design and Engineering teams at GitHub will talk about the difference between keyboard navigation versus shortcuts, how to avoid common pitfalls when creating shortcuts, and how to create scalable solutions that benefit all GitHub users.
  3. Neurocats, the Community of Belonging (CoB) aims to give neurodivergent Hubbers a voice at GitHub. Owen Niblock will discuss some ways GitHub employees can build websites with Neurodivergent folk in mind and then we’ll have a round-table chat about that subject with Neurocats and Accessibility team members.
  4. Making your README Accessible
    We will have a 30-minute guided session for GitHub employees to show how to use tools like browser extensions or GitHub Actions to check their markdown content like README files for accessibility. We will build in time for people to test and fix their README, and help make GitHub a more inclusive and accessible platform!